Fleet Leasing

Operational Leasing is a long-term lease agreement that gathers the professional fleet management and financial services. The ownership of the vehicle belongs to the operational leasing company which also undertakes the investment risk in addition to the financial loss risks related to the vehicle during the leasing period.

The customer shall have the right to drive the vehicle in accordance with the provisions specified in the lease agreement during the term of the agreement. On the other hand, Operational Lease Company is responsible for the performance of the services such as the vehicle’s periodic maintenance and insurance or alteration of the tires.

Important Advantages of the System

  • It is possible to deduct all of your vehicle costs related with the tax assessment. You may recognize your bill as an expense.
  • You don't have to finance VAT of the vehicle: The VAT you pay while purchasing is included in the cost of the fixed assets. VAT cannot be transferred to your credits. This model will be possible with the amortisation method and in the long-term. But, as we are able to drop the VAT in the Operational Leasing System immediately, our leasing payments are calculated excluding VAT and so you will have paid the leasing costs without paying the VAT that you have to refund during the leasing term.
  • The Operational Leasing is and always will be more advantegous financially considering the depreciation of your car on the second hand sale due to the financial expenses, taxes, insurance, maintenance and other costs you have to bear by buying your vehicle.
  • You don't have to spare time for the processes related to the purchase and sale (such as traffic registration or finding buyer etc.) or service appointment for the vehicle.
  • Since the regular maintenance of the vehicle is aleady provided by us as per the agreement, this system reduces the workforce to minimum for the lessor.
  • Since the vehicles will not be included in your balance sheet, there will be no need for net operating capital. In other words, no capital investment is needed.
  • It creates oppurtunity for the additional financial resources without the use of your company's credit limits within the bank.
  • You can use the cash oppurtunities in more useful areas required by your company’s activities.
  • You can also regulate the payment schedule according to the customer's cash flow statement.
  • It is possible to get rid of the risks of having an asset ownership.
  • You can ensure a monthly regular cash flow and make more realistic budget estimates.
  • You can reduce the administrative and accounting tasks and economize in terms of personnel strength in the administrative affairs because of the fact that the leasing, insurance, service and maintenance costs may be met with a single bill.
  • If some transactions such as service surveyor's report which is to be carried out after an accident is completed by us or the damage repair time takes longer than 2 days, a smiliar type of vehicle is provided.
  • You can resolve the problems you've confrented about your fleet with the help of a private customer respresentative assigned for you.
  • You can drive the well-kept and new vehicles which will strengthen your company's image. This will also please your company employees who may drive these vehicles.
  • As we carry out the administrative issues relating to the fleet, it provides you more oppurtunity to concentrate on your area of specialization.

Please get a leasing quote from our company before vehicle purchase.